Demand for 360 Tour Services Triple for Sendro Group Due to COVID-19

360 Tour | Nov. 27, 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted the world and forced all major industries to adapt or die.

For Sendro Group, the pandemic has brought challenges and opportunities. Some of these opportunities are new, some of them pre-existed before COVID-19 but had little attention given to them.

One such opportunity has been the increased demand for safer viewings of properties in NSW. Vital to keep the real estate sector operating. The 360 Tour service provides this solution.

Previously it was a hard sell to showcase the features and benefits to clients. 360 Tours were often described as a “complimentary” marketing service. Now, it’s a critical service in the industry. These tours have become essential for real estate agents to generate sales. Sales that keep our property market afloat during these difficult economic times.

From March 2020 until now, sales have tripled for our 360 Tour services compared to the same time last year.

There is a good reason for that.

Landlords and real estate groups quickly realized the urgent need to provide a safe, hygienic and comfortable method for viewing and inspecting properties for prospective buyers. The 360 degree tour is the primary tool to showcase a property or building’s interior and exterior.

The reality is I firmly believe that 360 tours will become the new “virtual agents” of the 21st century. It offers a complete interactive experience, a service that a human real estate agent cannot offer. No other technology allows you to fully explore and experience a property like a360 degree virtual tour.

In March 2020, Asset Reports partner Tom Williams told that technologies such as 360 degree tours have become an invaluable tool for real estate agents.

“If a product or service can make that [property] transaction happen with more clarity and better decision-making, then that’s great. Every little bit counts. At a time where everybody is at home and on screens and trying to communicate effectively, this technology is providing all of those things,” said Williams.

Undoubtedly many agencies jumped on the opportunity to provide 360 tours, given the pandemic. However the point of difference with Sendro Group is we’ve been delivering these services for the past 3 years.Since 2017, Sendro started with individual landlord clients. Now we are proudly servicing the biggest real estate giants in the country, namely Ray White and LJ Hooker.

At Sendro Group, we use the latest in 360 virtual reality (VR) technology. Our goal is to transform your customer experiences. Our superior imagery in 4K quality will capture every detail to showcase your business.

To find out more about how your company or business can use 360, get in touch with today for a free consultation.

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