Sendro Group Approved as Official Supplier for Saudia Arabia's futuristic NEOM City Project

News | June 23, 2021

Sendro Group is proud to announce it has been approved as an official supplier for NEOM, one of the most innovative projects anywhere around the world.

NEOM is a futuristic megacity being built from scratch in Saudi Arabia, a 26,000 KM² oasis intended to be the city of the future.

And Sendro Group has joined the revolution, agreeing to offer technology marketing solutions for the NEOM project, including its expert usage of VR, AR, 360 Tour and more.

Amir Zonoozi, the founder of Sendro Group, said it's terrific news for the company.

“Sendro is always placing itself at the forefront of globally innovative projects, and our approval as suppliers for the NEOM project is just a continuation of our efforts,” he said.

“Sendro Group will bring its unique perspective, powerful understanding of our technologies, and our energetic approach to innovation to the megacity, and look forward to seeing it blossom into a key city of the future.”

NEOM is intended to reflect the industries and thinking of the future.

The megacity will run on 100% renewable energy, and will be a mere four hour flight from 40% of the globe.

The city will be powered by a never-before-seen approach to urbanisation, a project called the LINE, a 170km-long linear urban development that creates a tiered system, creating walkable environments above tiers that cater to service and freight industries.

In keeping with the city’s themes of environmental wellbeing, the city and the LINE will be integrated with nature, and encourage residents to improve their health and well-being for a happier lifestyle.

Sendro Group is a proud partner to such an innovative and epic project, believing innovation and technologies provide us with an opportunity to build better cities, and in turn, better lives.

Our partnership also reflects the growing demand for 360 Virtual Tours, and the power the technology has to engross viewers in the experience. On a project like this, the technology’s potential shines for all to see.

To find out more about how your company or business can use 360, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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