The Future is Bright with the Metaverse

Metaverse | Jan. 19, 2022

From the moment Facebook rebranded into ‘Meta’ in October, the metaverse has made its way from a niche tech term to a central part of online discourse.

People have been drawn to the seemingly limitless possibilities the Metaverse can offer.

It wasn't long until metaworlds such as Sandbox, Horizon Worlds or AltspaceVR started to gain traction and expand what they can offer, with people now buying land and NFTs using cryptocurrencies on the platforms.

The skyrocketing popularity of the platforms, NFTs and cryptocurrencies has meant many investors have already made large profits, reflecting the enormous potential the Metaverse currently presents.

The Metaverse will be the next phase of the internet, where all interactions will become part of an immersive experience. People will be able to live virtual lives in the spaces, with potential for every industry to capitalise.

It’s positioned itself as the world we live in, but in digital form, which is what gives it the sense of endless possibilities. If you can imagine it, it can likely be achieved in the Metaverse.

For example, artists can create works of art within the Metaverse, and have them displayed at virtual art galleries in Metacities. Users can even pay to visit the gallery and view the artwork, reflecting real world systems.

But in the rush to jump onto this emerging technology, it will be essential for individuals and businesses to remain across developments and make the right moves at the right time to properly capitalise.

At Sendro Group, we strongly believe that the many successes of the early internet era will be repeated in the early days of the Metaverse, so long as the correct approach is taken.

Some luxury real estate developers have already moved to the Metaverse by offering their services to design and develop properties for buyers that would want to flaunt their high-end homes in the Metaverse.

And the possibilities within the Metaverse will only continue to grow.

The graphics and technology powering the world will be improved immensely over time, eventually making it hard to know what is real and what isn’t.

Wearable technology will also improve over time, offering users a more comfortable and convenient experience as tech companies research and develop the necessary infrastructure.

The improvements will make it very easy for medium to large scale companies to adapt and use immersive technologies, especially as the user experience improves.

Our goal here at Sendro Group is to guide medium to large scale companies into making a smooth transition into the Metaverse. Our hopes are to see companies offer their services in these new platforms, and to see them adapt to these new environments.

It takes time for both employees and management to get up to speed on new operations and platforms, which can make transitions difficult and time consuming.

It is an important technological step for any business with an eye on the future, and Sendro Group is here to guide you through it all.

Sendro Group is proud to announce a new workstream within the business. This workstream is a research and development (R&D) centre focused on the Metaverse. Our R&D team will be producing hardware which will assist users on mobility and communications within the Metaverse as well as changing the way we interact with augmented objects.

We are looking forward to working with the talented individuals and forward thinking companies who are excited to work on these exciting plans and bring them to fruition in 2022.

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